How to Link MyLab/MyMathLab/Pearson to Respondus in your MyCourses Class How to Link MyLab/MyMathLab/Pearson to Respondus in your MyCourses Class

How to Link MyLab/MyMathLab/Pearson to Respondus in your MyCourses Class

Below you find the step by step instructions on how to properly set your course up inside MyCourses to use LockDown Browser/Respondus Monitor vs Honorlock. 

Step by Step 

Step 1- 

Inside your MyCourses course, click on More (far right of Nav Bar) | Edit Course | Scroll down to the Assessment section and click on Quizzes. 


Step 2 - 

Once on the Quizzes page, click on LockDown Browser. It may take a minute to load, please be patient. 


Once the LockDown Browser page opens, click on Other Systems on the far right. 


Step 3 - 
Now you will see your instructor specific code that you will need to copy to apply to your course. 

Note: This code is specific to you, as an instructor, and you can use in all of your courses that use a Pearson testing product. 

Copy the code to use back inside the MyCourses | Course Content section in a moment.



Step 4 - 

Navigate back to Course Content for your class, by clicking Course Content on your navigation bar.

Scroll down and click on First Day/Course Materials. Then click Barnes & Noble Course Materials. 


Once inside the Barnes & Noble Course Materials, locate the content that applies to the class you are working inside. Then click Launch Courseware.
Note: There may be several, choose carefully. 


Then click the checkbox Do Not Ask Me Again for this Application | Continue


Once the Pearson screen opens, click Open MyLab & Mastering.

Accept the Universal Terms of Service and End User License Agreement.

Step 5 - 

Here is where you will paste the code  you copied at the end of Step 3.



Once you have entered your code, you will be connected to your course inside Pearson. 

From there click on Manage Course, scroll down to and click on Edit MML Settings


Now scroll down on the Edit MML Settings page to Learning Aids and Test Options and click Edit on the right side of this area. 


Inside Learning Aids and Test Options Scroll to the very Top of that page and you will find the LockDown Browser and Proctoring area.

Select the checkboxes and select Respondus Monitor Proctoring and your course will be connected. 



Congratulations! You did it!



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