Issuing an Incomplete for a Student's Final Grade Issuing an Incomplete for a Student's Final Grade

Issuing an Incomplete for a Student's Final Grade

This tutorial reviews submitting an I - Incomplete for a student for their final grade for the course. To do this you will change the Grade to Submit to MySPC to a zero. Note that the process of granting an Incomplete involves further steps on the instructor's part. 

Refer to the guide on Opening a Course for a Student with an Incomplete for the steps to take with a student after you submit an Incomplete for their grade.

You can complete this process before submitting your final grades OR you can also change the student's grade to a zero in the process of Submitting Final Grades. Both are in this guide.

Step-by-Step: In Gradebook Before Submitting Final Grades 

  1. Click on Grades on the Navbar

  2. At the bottom, you will see Grade to Submit to MySPC, next to it click on the dropdown arrow dropdown example.png

  3. Click on Enter Grades

  4. In the Numerator field Enter a 0, for the student (Your denominator will be whatever your total is for your course)
    0 enter in field highlighted.png

  5. Click on Save

  6. Click on Yes (You will see an I for the student under Scheme)

  7. Click on Save and Close

  8. Click on  Yes


Step-by-Step: During the Final Grades Submission Process 

  1. Click on Course Home

  2. Click on the Submit Final Grades tab on Faculty Tools

  3. Complete steps 1 and 2, then on step 3 click on the blue Transfer Grades button

  4. Click Transfer All 

  5. Erase whatever numeric value was populated in the grade to submit to SPC and enter a ZERO

  6. Click Save and Close, and proceed to step 4 in the final grades submission process

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