To standardize the process of issuing an Incomplete final grade for a student across academic departments, and to provide documentation for the student file, the Incomplete Request Form was created for use across the college.

NOTE: This form must be completed before the last day of the term, and must be digitally signed by both you and the student. This form is electronic and you will access it through a webpage in your browser each time you use it. 

Link to the Incomplete Request Form 

Completing this form does not replace any of the other tasks required for issuing an incomplete, such as changing the student role in the course to 'Student-Incomplete', issuing that student a zero in the final grades submission process, or submitting the Change of Grade survey.

Visual Learners: check out the two-minute video on
Submitting the Incomplete Request Form 


  1. Click the link to open the form in your browser. Use this same link every time you need to issue an incomplete. 

  2. First, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue continue button to acknowledge the terms of use. The form will become fillable.


  3. Carefully review the aspects of the incomplete grade policy and process at the top of the page to ensure your student meets the criteria for an Incomplete:

  4. Starting at the top of the fillable content, enter the student name and ID, your name, and term information. Include the full course name, number, and section number (for example ENC 1101 1394)

  5. Enter the percentage of coursework completed and the student's current grade. Students must have completed at least 50% of the course to qualify for an incomplete


  6. Set and enter a realistic completion deadline for the student to submit all outstanding coursework

    Keep in mind that the Change of Grade survey is due a week before the end of the next fall or spring term so the completion deadline should leave enough time for you to grade their work and submit the change of grade survey.


  7. Enter a final course grade this student would receive if they fail to submit any outstanding work and are issued zeros for those assignments. This is the grade that will replace the I on their transcript if the student fails to submit the assignments they were missing when granted an Incomplete.


  8. Select the reason for issuing the I from the dropdown menu, or, select 'other' and write a short description of the circumstances.


  9. Outline which assignments must be completed, and what percentage of the final grade they account for. As an example, if the student has 60% of the course completed, what is the breakdown of the remaining 40% of coursework they will need to complete? How much is each assignment worth?

  10. Once all sections are complete, Click the box above Instructor's Signature

  11. Type your digital signature and select Apply (the date will auto-populate)

  12. If all required fields are entered, the red arrow will appear directing you to scroll down. Click ‘Click to sign’ at the bottom of the page


  13. Next, a pop-up window will appear and ask you to enter the student’s name and email address as an additional participant. This is how the form will be passed to the student to sign:


  14. Click next once you have entered the student's name and email

  15. Enter your email and then click ‘click to sign’ in the pop-up window

  16. If you have never used the form before, you will be asked to verify your email address. You will see this message. Go to your email and verify your email address through the email that was sent from adobe. This will only happen once:

    IMPORTANT: You must complete this form BEFORE you submit final grades for this student and provide a zero to the student who needs an incomplete. Once you do, you will need to follow the steps for opening a class for a student with an incomplete. 

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