Hiring managers or delegates: For hiring Career Service and Administrative & Professional employees: Once the candidate has accepted the offer and an Employee ID number is available, please fill out this survey.

Please visit the New Employee Welcome Guide to assist Supervisors with the onboarding process.


Before completing this survey, please note:

  • If survey is submitted for an employee with a future start date, account creation process will begin a week prior to the Start Date provided on the form. If you do not receive a confirmation letter prior to start date, please reach out to employment@spcollege.edu to retrieve employee's confirmation.
  • All information (employee ID, Legal First and Last Name, etc) must match the HR record for the employee. We will not proceed with account creation without all information matching. Please review your entries before submitting.
  • HR Department will receive a Confirmation Letter from AccountRequest@spcollege.edu confirming that the account has been created
  • HR will receive confirmation letter and will add Orientation date/time,
  • Confirmation Letter will be provided to supervisors from HR which will provide all necessary information, including: Employee Username and instructions to retrieve password, instructions on Multi-Factor authentication, Orientation Date/Time, required introductory courses, such as Title IX, and other pertinent information
  • If requesting access to File Server Pathways or Shared Folders, please provide the complete path. Ex:  \\ServerName\Folder or \\ServerName
  • Once account is created a PeopleSoft request must be completed for access. (Account must be completed prior to searching for new employee in PeopleSoft Request, otherwise, user will not be found in the system to complete the request) Please see this article for instructions on submitting a PeopleSoft Request.



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