Get Started Using Simple Syllabus Get Started Using Simple Syllabus

Get Started Using Simple Syllabus

Use this guide to begin using Simple Syllabus in your courses. 

Feel free to join the SPC Titan Hub Group for Simple Syllabus & to sign up for Simple Syllabus Trainings. 

You can post questions, review discussions and content in one easy place, and sign up for events. 

  • What courses require me to use Simple Syllabus?
    • Beginning Fall 2024 All courses will use Simple Syllabus.

  • What is Simple Syllabus for and why is it required?
    • The state of Florida Legislature now requires that all GenEd Core courses have the Syllabus up 45 days prior to the course starting.
    • To standardize the syllabus experience across all SPC classes to reduce student confusion. 
  • How will students find my Simple Syllabus?
    • Students can view any Simple Syllabus that is published to the Public by visiting the St. Petersburg College Simple Syllabus website. 
    • Students that are in non-GenEd courses can only view the syllabus on the website above if the instructor posts it as Public. 
      • If the instructor does not post it as Public, a student can view it the Friday before the course opens. 
  • What is great about using the Simple Syllabus?
    • Students can easily find course information inside it because there is consistency in how the information is presented to them, i.e. the same items are located in the same places. 
    • As an instructor:
      • You can copy your Simple Syllabus across multiple courses.
      • You can also import components from other syllabi across the college. The import process will be valuable once Course Coordinators have access to Simple Syllabi for Standard Courses. 
      • Course Descriptions and Course Objectives sync over from the Approved Course Outline in META.
      • When using Simple Syllabus, only the Simple Syllabus can be open in the course, without the rest of the course being ready/completely set up. When you copy over your course content, the Simple Syllabus will remain intact. 
      • If you type a textbook title in, the remaining contents will autofill. 
      • If your class is not considered a First Day course, you can toggle that area component to "Invisible". 
      • Syllabus formatting remains consistent and can be adjusted for content copied in from an outside source. Be sure not to copy content directly from a Microsoft Word document. Instead, save the file as an .rtf file inside Word, or move to a Notepad file. 
      • When an update to the main template is made, it will update through all SPC  without affecting the other components in your Simple Syllabi.
      • You can place a video inside vs. just your picture to Welcome students to your course.
      • The dates for the course sync from PeopleSoft automatically, however since Discussions do not have a due date, they all come in at the bottom of the list. You have the option to manually enter due dates rather than syncing from MyCourses if the way the dates come in is not satisfactory to you. 
      • The Assignments schedule syncs over from the Brightspace calendar, a.k.a. MyCourses/D2L 
      • If everything students need to know is not listed somewhere inside the Simple Syllabus, you can add a New Component at the bottom. 
      • When you are done setting it up and click Save and Publish you will get Confetti!

  • What other information is available to guide me in setting up Simple Syllabus?

  NOTE: The questions featured on this page will undergo periodic updates based on the analysis of site usage data.



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