Faculty licenses for both SnagIt and Camtasia are available, but which one will best fit your needs? Knowing the difference between SnagIt and Camtasia will help guide you in choosing the correct software to use when creating videos. We do have online self-paced training on both that can be accessed through On-Demand Workshops within MyCourses.  


Step-by-Step: Which Option is Best for You?





Free, but limited licenses

Free for college employees

Operating System

Windows and MAC


Technology Skills



Capture Images



Edit Images



Records Videos



Video Trimming



Edit Videos






Export to MP4



Export to Panopto X X


In general, people prefer to use Snagit when...

  • Creating simple, quick-response screencasts that show a colleague or students how to accomplish a specific task.
  • They are making documentation and need clear images or examples.
  • They need to edit or annotate an image. For example, cropping or scaling a logo for a PowerPoint presentation.
  • They are making a “disposable” video. It’s super-fast and Snagit now supports webcam. These videos tend to be short and have a short shelf life. When the audience is just a few people who are looking for a quick answer, good enough is good enough.
  • Giving feedback to a colleague (image or video). Sending a video is the next best thing to being there. Some people call it a “video voicemail”.
  • They need to extract text from an image--either during capture or afterward.
  • They need to capture screen content that extends beyond the actual screen (like Excel, web pages, PDF). We call this Panoramic Capture. 

People prefer to use Camtasia when...

  • Creating polished, planned videos for several semesters.
  • They want to engage their viewers with interactive content and they want to know if their content was effective.
  • They know the video will need to be updated in the future.
  • They want to add music or outside audio, including system audio from the computer.

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