The gradebook tool in MyCourses is more than just a way for you and your students to see grades. It has several options that can help you to customize communications to your students efficiently and improve student engagement.


Tips for Communicating Via the Gradebook :

  • Check your display settings to make sure you and your students are getting the most from your gradebook. These settings differ slightly depending on whether you are using a points based or percentage based gradebook, but once set it can save you many questions. Regardless of what type of gradebook you use, students should be able to see Points Grade, Grade Scheme Symbol, and Grade Scheme Color.
  • Preview your gradebook as a student to see what they see and to verify your settings are what you would like them to be.
  • When viewing the gradebook, use the hide/show column feature to make it more manageable for you as the faculty member. Only showing assignments currently in progress or due will help you to quickly identify students that might be struggling or falling behind.
  • Use the color scheme to identify struggling students as well as students that are doing well in the course. Paired with the hide/show columns, this can be a great way to identify and reach out to various groups of students easily.

  • Use the gradebook to email students who have not completed an assignment nearing a due date.

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