Using the Calendar as a Communication Tool Using the Calendar as a Communication Tool

Using the Calendar as a Communication Tool

The traditional use of the calendar within MyCourses is to allow students to see when items are due. However, there are some features within the calendar tool that can help keep students engaged and informed, which makes the tool another way to communicate with students.


Adding Content Calendar Entries:

A great feature of the calendar is the ability to add content items which include quizzes, discussion topics, and Dropboxes directly to calendar entries. This means a student could navigate the entire course from the calendar. It also can help students keep on the due dates on assignments and get to them directly from the calendar. If you place your start or end dates on the content within the Course Content area, the content will automatically be linked to the calendar entry. However, you can manually add content items to any calendar entry including an entire module.


Below is a link to a tutorial about adding content to calendar entries:


Turning on the Subscription Feature:

Many students might use another calendar program like Google Calendar to keep track of the events in their life. A feature within the MyCourses calendar can allow students to download a file that contains all your calendar entries and add them to another calendar. This feature also allows the student to subscribe to your calendar. This means if you make any changes to the calendar within MyCourses, those changes will be reflected in the other calendar the student is using.


Below is a link to a tutorial about turning on the Subscription Feature:



Printing the Calendar 

Some students need have a physical paper copy of the calendar in order to keep themselves organized. The MyCourses calendar provides the student with a number of different options to print the calendar events.


Below is a link to a tutorial about Printing the Calendar:



Step-by-Step Changing the Views of the Calendar:

There are a number of different views in which the calendar can be displayed. Each view has some nice features that allow the student to see the calendar events in a different fashion. Each individual student including you has control of your own view. Unfortunately, there is no way for you as the faculty to set the view for the student.


Below is a link to a tutorial about Printing the Calendar:

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