The calendar tool provides a number of layout choices when printing calendar events.


  1. Click on the Calendar Tab on the Navbar

  2. Click Print

  3. The print dialog box will display
  4. There are a number of print options that you can chose:

    • Header - Show branding is checked by default. If you uncheck this option and click Update Preview, the line will disappear which means the header will not print

    • Display Options:

      • Show event details is checked by default. If you do not want the event details to be printed, click the checkbox to deselect it and click Update Preview to see how it will print

      • Selecting Page break before each event will place each individual event on its own page

    • Event Range:

      • Print events between is the default choice. The dates are set by default for a week from date you access the print options. You can change the dates by clicking on the date within the textbox. A calendar will appear for you to choose the dates

      • Within the Event Range dropdown list, you can also choose:

        • Print All Events

        • Print events prior to

        • Print events starting

      • After choosing these, make sure to click Update Preview to see how it will print

  5. After making the choices, click Print

  6. Choose your printer 

  7. Click Print

  8. Click Close when you done printing

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