Reviewing Discussions: Reading View vs Grid View Reviewing Discussions: Reading View vs Grid View

Reviewing Discussions: Reading View vs Grid View

When you view a discussion topic that has had student contributions already made to it, you will have the option to view the topic in "reading view: (default), or switch to the "grid view". This tutorial reviews the difference between these two views. This is NOT a tutorial on how to grade discussion topics. 


for grading instructions, review this guide on Grading a Discussion Topic. This tutorial reviews the two different views available to read and review student work on discussions. 

The Reading View for Discussion Topics

The reading view is the default and looks like the discussion topics list. Each post is listed below the others. You will need to click on the title of the discussion post to actually read it. Remember that you also have the discussion evaluation page where you can see all of a student's work on a discussion topic. The reading view is more so to see the conversation in Context. Here is an example of a discussion topic in reading view: 

The Grid View for Discussion Topics

If you would like to see a more condensed version of the discussion topic, you can switch to the grid view. This is an optional setting for instructors and provides a different view of the activity on the post. Here is a guide on Turning on the Grid View for a discussion post. Just note that you must change this setting by visiting the list of discussions through Submission Review, it cannot be adjusted from the course content page. Here is an example of a Grid View. 




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