New Discussion Creation and Settings Page Update New Discussion Creation and Settings Page Update

New Discussion Creation and Settings Page Update

The new setting page for new creation & editing of existing discussions will now be the same as the Assignments & Quizzes Creation. 

Step by Step

  1. This is what the new Discussion Creation page will look like. 
    Copy (2) of consistentlayout.png

  2. The More Advanced Options on the right expand by clicking on the collapsible arrows. 


  3. Once Expanded you can edit properties that accompany the Summary Text at the top. 


  4.  You no longer have to create a Forum first. New Topics added will automatically have a Forum connected to a topic.


  5. You can change the Forum if you don't prefer the one it is automatically connected to and Apply Changes.


  6. In the new Discussion creation, the radio button verbiage has been updated for better readability.
    Feel free to change based on your specific preferences.  

  7.   You will notice the Classic (Old) version with radio buttons has been replaced with an updated version where you can specify restrictions.
     The update automatically defaults to an open topic with No Restrictions. 

    Copy of 2023-11-06_07-17-48.png

    8. You can restrict topics so learners can only view threads from their group or section.
        Choose Manage Restrictions | Restrict Topic in Separate Threads.


    9. To restrict a topic so that only selected groups and sections can view a topic and all threads, choose Restrict Topic


    10. The new update has the same layout for managing availability dates as the recent change to Assignments,
    allowing greater control over how learners see and access the topic outside of the availability dates.


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