How Discussions are Structured in MyCourses How Discussions are Structured in MyCourses

How Discussions are Structured in MyCourses


The discussion tool is organized by two parts: Discussion Forums and Discussion Topics. Both must be present in your course in order for students to be able to participate in a discussion question. Here we will explain how the two parts are related. 

How Discussion Forums and Discussion Topics Relate:

When you enter a course and go to the Submissions area, you can click Discussions to see a list of discussion forums and topics present in the course. If you are starting in a course with no content, there will be no discussions and you will need to create them. 


The organizational structure of the Discussions Tool in MyCourses is that discussion topics are where students post and reply and they are placed in a Discussion Forums. 


Forums are buckets that group similar discussion topics. You do NOT need to create more than one forum in your course, but all discussion topics in the course must be added to existing forums. 


Here is an example of a discussion forum in a course with its topics listed underneath: 




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