Grade a Discussion from the Grade Book Grade a Discussion from the Grade Book

Grade a Discussion from the Grade Book

This tutorial will walk you through grading a students full contribution to a discussion topic through the gradebook.



  1. Click on Grades on the Navbar

  2. Click on the dropdown arrow expand carrot.png next to the discussion you would like to grade

  3. Click on Enter Grades

  4. Click on the Discussion icondiscussion icon.png to view post and grade/feedback (If you don't see the icon the student has not posted)


  5. You will be taken to the discussion evaluation page

  6. Enter the score for the student and add overall feedback if desired. 

    Note: If the feedback area consists of 300,000 characters or more a Tooltip will now appear that reads, "There are invalid grades on this page," the error that caused the Tooltip to appear will be excluded. The Tooltip encourages faculty to review the evaluation. 

  7. Click Publish

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