Midterm Progress reporting is a way to let your students know where they stand in the course at the halfway point. Here are the steps you will take from Faculty Tools to issue each of the students in your courses their midterm progress. 


IMPORTANT: The Midterm Progress tab will appear in the Faculty Tools dashboard (found on Course Home) at the midway point of your class and will remain there for two weeks. For example, if you have a 16-week class, this tab will appear at the start of the 8th week and stay until the end of the 10th week of your course. 


  1. Click Course Home in your course 

  2. If you are at the midpoint of the course, the Submit Midterm Progress tab will appear on Faculty Tools. Click to expand the tool.

  3. Here you have a few options when submitting Midterm Progress to your students, here is a visual guide of the tool:  

    A. The currently selected grade scheme will appear at the top of the tool. Verify it is correct, or click Change Grade Scheme to adjust it.

    B. To transfer the existing Current Overall Grade letter to the midterm progress grade box, click the arrow to the left of the letterbox.

    C. You can enter any letter grade manually if the current overall grade that has been calculated is not a true representation of their progress

    D. You can click Add Feedback to provide written feedback to your student on their progress or add one of the suggested feedback options from the dropdown menu

    E. When you are ready to send to the student, click Display to Student. This button will only enable if you have added a grade/feedback.

    F. Check out the Student Grades or Student Progress report next to their name in this tab. That will open their course grades, or progress metrics, respectively.

  4. To add a feedback note for the student along with the letter grade, click Add Feedback

  5. Here you can choose from the drop-down menu of suggested feedback or write your own!
  6. Click Display to Student to submit an initial Midterm Progress, and then again to update the grade or message after adjusting it.

  7. The student will receive the message in Student Tools. The Midterm Progress tab on their student tools will automatically open the next time they visit the course:    

    Here is what the student sees when they click View Midterm Progress:

    Students will be prompted to acknowledge that they have reviewed their Midterm Progress and feedback

  8. Once a student reviews their Midterm Progress, you will see a green checkmark next to their name in the list of students  




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