Grade a Dropbox Folder Assignment Using a Rubric Grade a Dropbox Folder Assignment Using a Rubric

Grade a Dropbox Folder Assignment Using a Rubric

Rubrics are used to evaluate an activity or item based on a predefined set of criteria. Rubrics help to ensure that activities and items are evaluated fairly and consistently. Most standard courses have rubrics attached to their Dropboxes. 



  1. Click on Submissions on the Navbar

  2. Click on Dropboxes

  3. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the dropbox  

  4. Click on View Submissions

  5. Click on a Submission that you wish to grade 

  6. Under Rubrics on the right, select the Name of the Rubric to expand it on the page
    nane of the rubric.png

  7. Use the slider to view each of the criteria's levels, click the slider bar on the level you wish to award the student for that criteria
    score of rubric.png

    Note: To pop out the rubric to grade instead of using the inline rubric tool. Click the Rubric button located on the top right of the inline rubric toolinline rubric tool.png

  8. Use the Add feedback button on the desired criterion to provide additional feedback

  9. Use the Overall Feedback area to add feedback to the student's Dropbox submission

  10. Click on the Publish button to confirm, or the Save Draft button to complete grading at a later time 

  11. To move to the next students, locate the user arrows on the top right of the screen user arrow.png

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