The information below will provide you details on Receiving an updated or subsequent College transcript

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Receiving Official HS & College Transcripts 2023 Receiving Official Transcripts in PeopleSoft Waiving the High School Transcript for students with an Earned AAS Degree or Higher Updating the External Education Record for Previously Undisclosed Schools Reconciling High School Records


An updated transcript is one that has been previously received. The student may have taken additional courses at another institution and is now submitting a revised transcript with additional courses to add to the student’s SPC record.

1. Click the + sign in the Career Data section of the previously received college

2. Receive the transcript as directed above and Save

 Be sure to update the Courses and Degrees tab as directed above if the student has earned any        additional degrees.

Inquiries or Assistance: If you need help with receiving high school or college transcripts contact us at


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