Manually Publish Grades - Quizzes and Dropbox Manually Publish Grades - Quizzes and Dropbox

Manually Publish Grades - Quizzes and Dropbox

This article provides an essential guide for instructors, focusing on the straightforward process of manually inputting grades within the MyCourses platform. Dropbox grading will be addressed at the lower portion of this article.

Manually Grade Quizzes

Step by Step

  1. On the course homepage click Submissions then click Quizzes.


  2. Locate the quiz, click the downward arrow, click Grade.


  3. Select the box at the top of the student list to select all students, then click Publish. Students grades will be sent to the gradebook.

    Sellect all box_Publish.png

  4. Click Grade.


  5. Click Enter Grades


  6. Double-check the column for the quiz to make sure points have been pushed. 

    quiz results.png

Manually grading Dropbox quizzes

Add manual grade scheme to a Dropbox.

Step by Step

  1. Click Submissions, then Quizzes.

  2. Click the Assignment Title.
    click on the dropbox assignment.png

  3. Click Select all check box on the top left of the class roster. 
    select all.png

  4. Click Publish Feedback.
    publish feedback.png

  5. Click Yes to Confirm.
    click yes.png


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