The information below will provide you details on Receiving official High School and College transcripts for St. Petersburg College

Receipt of all official transcripts in PeopleSoft is a critical part of a student’s admissions.

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Receiving Official HS & College Transcripts Adding & Receiving an Updated or Subsequent College Transcript Waiving the High School Transcript for students with an Earned AAS Degree or Higher Updating the External Education Record for Previously Undisclosed Schools Reconciling High School Records


Students must provide two types of transcripts:

  1. High school/GED/Home School Affidavit

  2. College transcripts for any post-secondary institution where the student was enrolled.

    Note: Information on transcripts is viewed and updated on the student’s External Education page in PeopleSoft. It is important for you to properly record this information.

This document covers the following:

1. Receiving official High School and College transcripts
2. Receiving an updated or subsequent College transcript
3. Waiving the High School transcript for students with an earned AAS degree or higher
4. Updating the External Education record for previously undisclosed schools
5. Reconciling High School records

High School transcripts are required for students:

(1) be degree seeking
(2) be eligible for financial assistance
(3) graduate from SPC.

Students may have the official high school transcript waived if the student previously received an AAS degree or higher from a regionally accredited college as evidenced by submission of an official college transcript from the degree issuing institution.

College transcripts are critical for SPC to have a complete record of the student’s educational history.

A complete educational history allows students

(1) expedite progression through their program of study
(2) minimize the potential for repeating courses at SPC that were successfully completed elsewhere and
(3) save time and money.

Undisclosed College Transcripts
Students may not disclose all previously attended regionally accredited institutions as required at the time of application and these must be manually entered by staff at the time of discovery.

Students DO NOT need to disclose or submit transcripts if

  • The institution is not regionally accredited

  • The student only enrolled in graduate-level coursework.

Students can submit transcripts in three formats:

  1. FASTER: FASTER is the electronic data interchange (EDI) system used by Florida public high schools, colleges and universities. This is the preferred format for expediting review since the transcript automatically loads into Peoplesoft. The terms EDI and FASTER may be used interchangeably.

  2. PDF: Official, secure PDF transcript(s) are emailed from the institution or designated third party vendor (e.g. Clearinghouse, Parchment) to Admissions & Records will also download these transcripts from vendor portals. Advising Tip: We do NOT accept PDF’s from students as official even if they forward a password protected transcript. These transcripts may only be used for advising and enrolling students.

  3. Hard-Copy: Students may bring or mail in an official hard-copy transcript(s) in a sealed envelope. This is the primary format campus staff will receive. Advising Tip: Be careful using the word “electronic”. Students consider PDF transcripts as “electronic” since they are emailed. This is not the same as a FASTER (EDI) transcript. If the student attended a Florida public high school, college or university, direct them to order an EDI or FASTER transcript.

Six General Rules to Receiving Official Transcripts:

  1. All transcripts should be submitted in a sealed envelope with the letterhead of the issuing institution. The student should not have previously opened the transcript.

    Note: You may accept a PDF high school transcript if it is emailed directly to you from the school. It is your responsibility to verify the sender’s email is an official school email.

  2. You should always accept a transcript even if it does not meet our admission criteria
    ▪ It has been submitted as an official admission document, is now the property of St. Petersburg College, and is part of the student’s official record
    ▪ Do not give it back to the student
    ▪ Provide the student with a document receipt if this is the current practice at your campus

  3. Stamp the back of the transcript with the following information:
    • Designate whether it is official or unofficial
    • Date you opened it
    • Your campus and your name
    • Only keep the envelope with the transcript if the document is suspicious or forgery is suspected.

  4. If the transcript meets the criteria for an official transcript, enter the information into PeopleSoft in External Education.

  5. If the transcript does not meet the criteria for an official transcript, do not enter it in PeopleSoft, denote it as Unofficial, forward to your campus scanning staff.

  6. Once scanned at campus, please forward all transcripts immediately to the Office of Admissions & Records using the blue secure, locked mail pouches provided at each campus.


Inquiries or Assistance: If you need help with receiving high school or college transcripts contact us at


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