Issuing a Student an Incomplete Final Grade: Complete Faculty Instructions Issuing a Student an Incomplete Final Grade: Complete Faculty Instructions

Issuing a Student an Incomplete Final Grade: Complete Faculty Instructions

The Process for issuing an Incomplete to a student in your course encompasses several steps. This guide outlines the full process from start to finish and links to other guides with more specific information on each step.  



  1. Before the end of the term, you as the faculty must complete and sign the Incomplete Request Form. In doing so, you will also be asked to enter the student's name and email address so that it will be sent to them to add their digital signature. Here is a tutorial on Completing the Incomplete Request Form. 
  2. When you submit your final grades, you will submit a zero for that student as their overall calculated grade and transfer that to the grade to submit to SPC in the final grades submission process. Zeroes are converted to an "I" on the student's transcript. Here is a tutorial on Entering an I as the final grade for a student with an incomplete.
  3. Once the end date of the course passes, you will need to change the role of the student on the Classlist from Student to Student-Incomplete. Here is a tutorial on Changing the Student Role to Student Incomplete.  Make sure you remove or adjust any course dates so the student can access the content. 
  4. In the Incomplete Request Form, you will indicate the date that the student has to complete all outstanding work before you submit their updated grade. Make sure the student understands that they have until then to complete their course. Once that date passes, you will change the student role back to "Student" on the Classlist, removing their access. 
  5. Go into the course and assess their work, grading assignments as normal. Once you have updated the student's overall grade in MyCourses, you will submit the Change of Grade Survey. Once you submit that, the student's grade will be updated in their transcript to their final letter grade within 24-48 hours from the time you submit the grade change survey.

Questions?.  Contact the MyCourses Support Team by email at 
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