You can also search the threads of a discussion by entering some keywords to quickly find a post. If you do not understand the Structure of the Discussion tool in MyCourses, you should review the tutorial on this subject.


  1. Click on Submission Review on the Navbar
  2. Click on Discussions
  3. Click on the Title of the Topic
  4. Click on the Thread you wish to View

    • In the top right, there is a search box, you can search the thread using certain keywords
    • Under the Title of the Thread, it displays the student that posted, the date and time of post demo student info.png

    • You can subscribe to the Thread by clicking on Subscribe subscribe.png

    • To reply to the Thread, click on Replay to Thread

    • Filter by:  Allows you to quickly filter the thread to just those replies that are unread, flagged or unapproved 2526b909-f311-4b07-b23b-a8caa0d8296a.png

    • Show: Allows you to quickly sort the replies to Threaded, Newest First, Oldest First, Author First Name A-Z, Author First Name Z-A, Author Last Name A-Z, Author Last Name Z-A, Average Rating, Subject A-Z, Subject Z-A, Attachments First

    • Within each post, there is some important information provided:

      • The name of the student who created the post and when it was posted 

      • If you allow ratings, the average rating

      • The reply link

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