This tutorial will walk you through how to create a new quiz through the Submissions tab.


Step-by-Step: Create Quiz

The quiz editing and creation experience page is shown when you go to create a new quiz or edit an existing quiz. 

To Create/Edit a Quiz:   

  1. Click on Submission Review on the Navbar

  2. Click on Quizzes 

  3. Click on New Quiz to create a brand new Quiz or find a previously created quiz on this page and click the arrow to the right of the title, then click Edit.
  4. Once inside a Quiz, you will see a panel like the one below. 

The primary panel on the left contains common, frequently used fields that are always displayed. These fields are most relevant to learners and are core to quiz creation. 

New quiz creation screen.png


The right-hand panel organizes additional, more advanced options such as start and end dates, release conditions, and special access. These options follow the same logical groupings as found in Assignments.

availability dates.png


While the right-hand groupings are collapsed, the summary text provides details about which settings are active so you can see which settings are applied at a glance which is perfect for when you are looking to reuse and copy existing quizzes. 

Availibility dates and conditions accordion image.png


By default, quizzes are not added to the grade book

To add a quiz to the grade book, click the drop down arrow as shown below



By default, your quiz will be hidden.

Navigate to the very bottom of the Quiz creation panel to toggle the hidden view off to show your quiz. 

Copy of 2024-06-07_14-25-27.png


Watch this video for a quick walk through of the Quiz Question Creation 



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