Leaving Video Feedback for a Discussion Submission Leaving Video Feedback for a Discussion Submission

Leaving Video Feedback for a Discussion Submission

To make that connection, sometimes it is nice to have your students see your face and hear your voice within their course. Video Feedback is a great feature that you can include when evaluating a student's contribution to a discussion topic. 



  1. Navigate to the list of discussions in your course.
  2. Click the down arrow next to the discussion topic you wish to assess, and click Assess Topic
  3. Once you click Assess topic, click Topic Score under the student's name you wish to asses 
  4. The discussion evaluation page, locate the Overall Feedback are on the right side of the pageLook for the Insert Stuff button, you may need to click the plus sign for more options.

  5. Once you click insert stuff, scroll through the insert options and select the Add Video Note

  6. Click on New Recording
  7. Click on Stop Recording when complete
  8. Click on Next
  9. Enter a Title and Description  (If you plan to use this same recording for several students and other courses, by detailed so you can search and find the feedback)
  10. Select English as the Audio Language and click the checkbox next to Automatically generate captions from audio
  11. Click on Next
  12. Click on Insert
  13. Click on Update 

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