Do you have a student that is saying that something happened while taking a quiz, like loss of internet or something like that? You can view all the activities that a student experiences while taking a quiz.


  1. Click on Submission Review
  2. Click on Quizzes
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the quiz title/name
    drop down next to quiz titlename.png
  4. Click on Grade
  5. Enter the student's name in the search box
    search for.png
  6. Click on Show Search Options
    show search options highlighted.png
  7. Choose a search criterion:
    choose a search criterion.png
    - Users who have completed an attempt - They already submitted the quiz
    - Users with attempts in progress - They have not submitted the quiz
  8. Click on the spyglass
    spyglass next to search highlighted.png
  9. Click on the attempt under the student's name attempt number under students name.png

  10. Click on Quizzes Event Log
    quizzes event log highlighted.png
  11. You will see more information on the quiz, including when the quiz was started and completed if the internet was lost, individual question log information, and the IP address.

    individual question log.png

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