Submitted Final Grades for One Student or Partial Classlist Submitted Final Grades for One Student or Partial Classlist

Submitted Final Grades for One Student or Partial Classlist

This guide follows the same process as submitting final grades for an entire Classlist, except for a few differences in STEP 3 - Transfer Grades. Follow the steps below. Once you submit grades for one student or a partial Classlist, you will have a reminder on the final grades submission opening page to "continue submitting grades" 


  1. Starting in the course you are going to submit grades for, click Course Home on the Navbar

  2. Faculty Tools may take a moment to load but will appear on your Course Home page

  3. Once the tabs load, click the Submit Final Grades tab on the Faculty Toolbar 

  4. The final grades window will appear beneath the Submit final grades tab

  5. Click continue in the bottom right corner

  6. Step 1: Assignment Check
    The system will check for any ungraded items grade items for all students. A list will appear of ungraded items for each student
    • If there are no missing grades, press continue

    • If there are ungraded items, you can either click Add Grades or select to leave the assignments ungraded


    • Selecting that you intend to leave the assignments ungraded means they will be excluded from the final grade calculation for those students
  7. Step 2: Grade Scheme Check
    If your course has a grading scheme selected, it will appear at to the top of the list in blue
    • Verify that the grading scheme is correct, or select a different one from the list

    • NOTE: Most courses use the FINAL APPROVED ONLY, (Scheme 1) grade scheme

    • Please check with your department if you are unclear about which Grade Scheme to select for your course

    • Click the blue Next Step button once you have selected or confirmed the correct Grade Scheme

  8. Step 3: Transfer Final Grades
    • Click Transfer Final Grades Here blue button 

    • Review the grades present in the Overall Final Grades column for your students to ensure they are correct

    • Once ready, click the arrow to the right of the empty boxes in the grade to submit to the SPC column for each student whose grade you wish to transfer

    • Manually change the numeric grade amount in the first column if you would like to change the grade the student is receiving from what is displayed

    • Click Save and Close

    • Click Yes on the confirmation window

    • You will see a message letting you know that you have not transferred grades for all students in the course. 

    • Click the check box to acknowledge that you understand not all student grades have been transferred. 

    • Click Next Step Confirm and Submit

  9. Step 4: Confirm and Submit
    • Click the checkbox to confirm you are ready to submit.

    • Click Submit Final Grades

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