Check if a Student has a Quiz in Progress Check if a Student has a Quiz in Progress

Check if a Student has a Quiz in Progress


If a student states that they have taken a quiz but you do not see their submission, you can check if it's in progress. If a student forgets to submit their quiz, it will not appear on the completed quiz list. If they forget, you can submit the quiz on the student's behalf. In fact, you can view the student's progress with a quiz at any time while they are taking it before they submit it. 


  1. Click on Submission Review on the Navbar

  2. Click on Quizzes
  3. Click on the dropdown arrow dropdown example.pngnext to the quiz name

  4. Click on Grade.

  5. Click on Show Search Options.
    show search options highlighted.png
  6. Click on the Restrict to dropdown menu.

  7. Click on Users with attempts in progress 
    restrick to users with attempts in progress.png
  8. Click on the spyglass spyglass.png
  9. Click on Impersonate impersonate.png next to the attempt

  10. Click on Yes (You will now be in as the student. From here you can see the students progress and submit)

  11. To Exit and not make any changes, click on Exit Impersonate in the top right corner

  12. To Submit scroll to bottom of Quiz and Click on Go to Submit Quiz

  13. Click on Submit Quiz

  14. Click on Save and Close

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