Need a Respondus LockDown Browser Monitor Quiz Downloaded? Need a Respondus LockDown Browser Monitor Quiz Downloaded?

Need a Respondus LockDown Browser Monitor Quiz Downloaded?

This guide will explain how to request a downloaded copy of a students recorded quiz in Respondus LockDown Browser Monitor.

If you are an instructor who has viewed the webcam footage of a student taking a quiz and would prefer a closer examination and would like a downloaded copy of the student testing please follow the steps below. 

Step by Step:

1. Inside your course, click Submissions|Quizzes|LockDown Browser.

2. Navigate to the quiz that you want to see the test results from and click Class Results.

3. Locate the student that you want to view their testing thumbnails and click the + beside their name.


4. Scroll to the bottom of all of the students' thumbnails and click Request video download

Copy of 2024-04-03_11-03-49.png

5. Next, you will need to fill out all of the information located in the picture below.

Note: If you don't see the pop-up once you click the Request video download link - SCROLL UP on your browser.


The request will be sent to Christopher Harvey. If you do not, receive an email back in a timely manner (check your spam/clutter/quarantine/junk folders first) feel free to email him to check on the status. 

Once you receive an email back with the link to download the video, you only have 72 hours to download the video before the request will expire. 

6. Now, you will need to go into the course (via the same instructions as above) the link to download the video will say download vs request to download. 


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