To ensure remote proctoring goes smoothly with Respondus Monitor, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO provide students an ungraded practice quiz that requires the use of LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor. This will help discover and troubleshoot quiz settings (as an instructor) and student device issues. 

Note: This is not Respondus LockDown Browser or Respondus Monitor this is a separate company for quiz creation. 

Step by Step

1. Create a practice quiz - Steps on How to Create a Practice Quiz 

Content ideas for the quiz:

  • Questions based on the syllabus
  • Questions to assess your students’ incoming knowledge of course content
  • Institution trivia
  • Questions to help you get to know your students
  • Include the institution’s “honor code” and have students provide an attestation

    Convey your testing requirements:

  • Apply the same settings, instructions, and requirements that will be used with graded
    exams that will require LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor.
  • Remind students that the purpose of a practice quiz is to familiarize themselves with the
    software and understand your expectations for online exams.

2. Give the practice quiz to students

  • Have the practice quiz available at the start of the course, or at least several days before the first
    graded exam.
  • Require that all students complete the practice quiz a certain number of days prior to the first
    graded exam (Tip: provide a small point value or extra credit for completing the practice quiz).
  • Allow unlimited attempts for the practice quiz, but make sure the quiz duration will be several
    minutes (the proctoring results will be more meaningful if the quiz lasts several minutes).
  • Remind students about the built-in troubleshooting and Live Chat support in LockDown Browser
    and Respondus Monitor.
  • Keep the practice quiz available for the duration of the course so students can try it again if their
    computer or network environment changes during the year.

3. Review Class Results from the LockDown Browser Dashboard

  • Do a quick review of the proctoring results for the practice quiz. Identify any behavior or factor that
    would not be acceptable during a graded exam, such as:

    • Poor lighting or an unsuitable environment (e.g. laying on floor)
    • Talking to others
    • Using a mobile device
    • Leaving the test environment


Important: Remind your class about the consequences of inappropriate behavior and exam rule violation

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