Grade a group discussion. Depending on how you set up the discussion, grading will vary. 


  1. Click on Grades

  2. Click on Dropdown arrow next to Discussion Item to Grade

  3. Click on Enter Grades

  4. Click on the Assessment icon2023-11-16_15-12-09.png

  5. If a Rubric is included to evaluate the student click the text Discussion Rubric to view the criteria or click the icon with the arrow located in the upper right above the discussionCopy of 2023-11-16_15-15-41.png
  6. If you are using an attached rubric for grading the discussion post, you will need to click the correct box for each of the grading criteria. Then click Close. The grade will automatically be listed under Overall Grade. Otherwise type the grade earned in the box under the text Overall Grade.
  7. Enter Feedback, if desired

  8. Click Update

If you checked "Allow Assessment of Individual Posts": 

  1. Click on Grades

  2. Click on Dropdown arrow next to Grade Item

  3. Click on Enter Grades

  4. Under Submission, click on the submission icon

  5. Depending on how you wanted it graded, Max, min, average, etc.  you will see that at the top, 7cbed6f0-1033-4d28-96da-a027478c79c5.png

  6. In addition to an actual numerical score, you can provide written feedback to students for more detail and knowledge. The overall feedback length can not exceed 300,000 characters. 


  7. When you are done with, click on Publish 

  8. Click on Save and Close

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