Intelligent Agent: Sending an SSI Reminder Email Intelligent Agent: Sending an SSI Reminder Email

Intelligent Agent: Sending an SSI Reminder Email

This tutorial reviews creating an intelligent agent that will run every day for one week reminding students to take the Student Survey of Instruction (SSI). You to easily send students reminders about completing the SSI without the need for extra monitoring on your part.


  1. Click on Edit Course in the Navbar

  2. Click on Intelligent Agents

  3. Click on New

  4. Enter a Descriptive Name for your Agent Name

  5. Enter a Description (Optional)

  6. Check the Agent is Enabled box

  7. Under Login Activity, Check the Take action when the following login criteria are satisfied

  8. Click on the radio button radio button.pngfor  User has logged in during the past ...

  9. Enter the number of days (30 days is common so you don't include those that have dropped)

  10. Check the Send an email when the criteria are satisfied box

  11. Enter {InitiatingUser} into the To field

  12. Enter a Subject

  13. Enter a Message  ( Do not use replacement strings such as {first name} in the email subject or message areas.  If the student chooses to forward their emails they will not load correctly)

  14. Check the Use Schedule box

  15. Click on Update Schedule

    • Set Repeats to Daily

    • Set Repeats Every to 1

    • Check Has Start Date - by default the start date will be set for the current day

    • Check Has End Date - by default the end date will be set for one week after the start date

  16. Click on Update

  17. Click on Save and Close


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