Intelligent Agent: Sending an Email based on a Low Quiz Score Intelligent Agent: Sending an Email based on a Low Quiz Score

Intelligent Agent: Sending an Email based on a Low Quiz Score

This tutorial reviews creating an intelligent agent that will run every day for a week. It will send an email to students who have scored less than or equal to a 70% on a quiz upon log-in, and only once. You might want to send students an email encouraging them to look at specific items in the course as a review and reach out to the Learning Resource Centers


  1. Click on Edit Course on the Navbar

  2. Click on Intelligent Agents

  3. Click on New

  4. Enter an Agent Name

  5. Enter a Description for the Agent (This is optional but will help you when reusing for the future)

  6. Check Agent is enabled (This will allow the agent to run based on the schedule you will select further down.  If this box is not checked, this agent will not run unless you chose to run it manually.)

  7. Under Release Conditions, click on Create and Attach

  8. Click on Select Condition Type

  9. Click on Score on a Quiz

  10. Click on Select Quiz

  11. Click on the Quiz

  12. Click on Criteria

  13. Click on <=

  14. Enter Numerical Grade 

  15. Click on Create

  16. Click on Take action only the first time the agent's criteria are satisfied for a user (This means the agent will only be run once, it will not run again if the student meets the criteria at a later date)

  17. Click on Send an email when the criteria are satisfied

  18. Enter {InitiatingUser} in the To field

  19. Enter a Subject (Do not put replacement strings such as {first name} in the email subject or message area)

  20. Enter a Message

  21. Check the box next to Use Schedule

  22. Click on Update Schedule

  23. Click the drop-down to Repeats: to Daily

  24. Enter 1 for Repeats Every*

  25. Check Has Start Date

  26. Enter a Date

  27. Check Has End Date

  28. Click on Update

  29. Click on Save and Close


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