Adding Additional Time to All Quizzes for a Student (Accommodations) Adding Additional Time to All Quizzes for a Student (Accommodations)

Adding Additional Time to All Quizzes for a Student (Accommodations)

The Edit Accommodations feature allows instructors to grant a student additional time for all quizzes in a course. This feature only allows faculty to change the quiz times for a student, not the quiz dates. The instructions below outline adding additional time to all quizzes in a course for a specific student through this feature.


Faculty also have the ability to set up special access dates and extended time for students on each individual quiz within a course. Review this tutorial on setting additional time for a single quiz


  1. Click on Communicate on the Navbar.

  2. Click on Classlist from the dropdown menu.

  3. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the student you want to provide additional time.

  4. Click on Edit Accommodations from the menu. The following pop-up window will appear.

  5. Click on Modify Time Limit checkbox.

  6. Select the Timing option for the students needs. There are two ways to increase quiz time.

    • Multiplier of Original Quiz: This option multiples the current time of all quizzes set in the course by a numeric value.

      • Example: 30-minute quiz set to 1.5 the number of minutes = 45 minutes.

      • Example: 30-minute quiz set to 2 times the number of minutes = 60 minutes/1:00:00.

    • Extra time: This option adds additional minutes to every quiz in a course.

      • Example: 30-minute quiz set to provide 30 extra minutes = 60 minutes/1:00:00.

  7. Click Save and close

    Note: Students with accommodations will have an icon next to their name after additional time has been granted through this feature.

    Remember, this feature only applies to time limits for quizzes in a course. Additional dates access for quizzes must be set on the individual quiz.

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