Keeping your Manage Files Organized - Uploading a File Keeping your Manage Files Organized - Uploading a File

Keeping your Manage Files Organized - Uploading a File

Manage Files is an area in MyCourses that stores all of your uploaded files. When you are adding files to your course you should begin by adding them to the Manage Files area. This area can be organized by Module, Topic, etc.


  1. Click on Course Content

  2. Click on the Module where you would like to add your file

  3. Click on New

  4. Click on Upload Files

  5. Click on My Computer 

  6. Drag your file into the designated area or click upload and find the file you wish to upload.

  7. Click on Choose Destination

  8. You will now see the manage files area. This is the "backend" of your course.  All of the files are stored in this area.If you already have your folders set up for you, for example Modules, Chapters, Topics, etc. skip to step 8.  If you need to create a new Module, Chapter, Topic, etc.:

    • Click on New Folder

    • Enter a Folder Name (You might need to expand the box, pull the right corner.)

    • Click on Create

  9. Click on the Folder, where your file should be stored.

  10. Click on Select a Path.

  11. Click on Add.

  12. You will now see your file at the bottom of the Module


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