Administrator Settings for Titan Hub Groups Administrator Settings for Titan Hub Groups

Administrator Settings for Titan Hub Groups










This guide will help you get started using Titan Hub



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To watch a guided step by step video to best set up your Titan Hub page,
Click Here

Step by Step:

1. If you would like to start a Titan Hub Group, you must first have one created for you.
Fill out this form to have one created

2. Once your group is created by the MyCourses Support Team within Titan Hub, you should be able to locate it by going to Groups on the left-side menu. If you have been added as an administrator you will find your group there. This guide reviews your options and settings as a Titan Hub Group admin. 

Always remember to click the blue save button at the very bottom of the settings page when making updates to a group or your changes will not be applied.

Are you enrolling group members on their behalf? You need to notify them upon Enrollment. The easiest way is to enable welcome messages upon enrollment. 


Add Additional Admins

We recommend you have a backup group admin to monitor your group’s progress.  Depending on the settings selected, members may be able to post freely to the page without approval. To ensure there aren’t inappropriate postings, your admins should review the group page frequently.

  1. Once you are on the group page after locating it in the Groups area of the left-side menu, click the settings button at the top right:

  2. Then select Group Admins
  3. In the Add Admin box, search for the name of the faculty/staff member, and once they appear press enter
  4. Click Save

NOTE: You can return to the group page after updating your settings by clicking Back to Group on the left side of group banner:


Add A Nice Cover Image (Background Banner) 

  1. Click on the settings gear at the top right of the group page
  2. Click Change Cover Image
  3.  Find the photo in your computer files and select it to be uploaded
  4. Click ok
Note: The recommended minimum file size for a Cover Image is 2048x800 to support high retina screens. Smaller images may not produce a clear image.

Add Group Members - Two Options: 

Option 1 - Add Manually

  1. Click on the settings gear at the top right of the group page
  2. Click Add Group Members:

  3. Under Add Members Manually, type the name of the student/member, and the results will populate below:
  4. Select the name of the correct person from the search results
  5. Repeat for all members you would like to add
  6. Click Save

Option 2 - Bulk Add Via CSV File

  1. Click on the settings gear at the top right of the group page
  2. Click Add Group Members:

  3. Select Upload CSV

  4. Open Excel, and within a new workbook, put the word "email" in all lowercase in the first column/row and then add the emails underneath it in the first column. 

  5. Save as a CSV file 
  6. Click Upload CSV:



NEXT - Send a Welcome Message:  You can customize a message for members that will display when they join the group. This can be helpful for groups that are open for users to join on their own. Toggle off if not needed:

Welcome Message Tips: 

   - Welcome new members

   - Describe the group and its purpose

   - Identify any group leaders/contacts for the group


Add Group Information

  1. Within the group (outside of the settings view) click Info

  2. Enter any information about the group under the description area. You can include any links you may want to provide and there are a few editing tools such as bold and listed items. 
  3. Select if this group is private or public
  4. Add Contact Info for the group
  5. Add any Labels (search terms that will help identify the group)


Resources (Attachments)

Click Resources (paper clip icon) under the group banner to manage the attached files for this group. Depending on the type of group you can limit who can add, edit, delete, or arrange attachments within the advanced settings of this group. As the admin, you can upload attachments at any time. You can choose from a document in your computer, a link, or a file:


This tab allows you to see and track engagement with the group. These metrics include the number of new members, posts, comments, and likes. You can limit by a date range to track over time.


Advanced Settings (User Permissions and More)

From the group page, click the settings gear at the top right once more. Within the settings options, you will see Advanced Options 



Within the Advance settings, there are several options that you can select and change as a group admin. 

  1. Features: Toggle each of these on or off for that feature to display to members on the navbar of the group. For example, if your group will never have to have any files attached to it, toggle Files Enabled to off. 
  2. Default Tab: Choose which tab displays to members when they first visit the group.

  3. Custom Call to Action Button: A button that can be added to the group banner that will link out to another website (i.e. Advisors can use this button to have students schedule appointments)

  4. Reported Posts: This allows the admin to set the threshold for how many times a post must be reported as inappropriate for it to be automatically removed (you can also remove posts at any time).

  5. Permissions: These settings control who can access and manage elements of this group. There are four types of users in Titan Hub group settings.

    Everyone: All users in the Titan Hub including all students, faculty, and staff
    Invited: Users in Titan Hub who have been sent an invitation to join a group
    Members: Users who have joined a group
    Admins: Users who are designated as group administrators

    Depending on the level of control or type of group, you can adjust these at any time. Note: The last setting - who can manage resources - refers to who can add, edit, or delete attachments for this group.

Creating Events for Your Group

  1. From the group page, click Create Event next to the settings gear

  2. You will be taken to the event creation page
  3. Add a banner, fill in the name, and times of the event

  4. Add all important event details

    Note: For Virtual events, you can select to add a Microsoft Teams or Zoom meeting

  5. Add any event management options you would like.

  6. Click Create Event! 


Questions? Contact the MyCourses Support Team by email at 
or by phone at 727-341-3500 (Hours: Mon.- Fri. 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST).

For after-hours or weekend assistance, contact the SPC Helpdesk at 727-791-2795 or 

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