This tutorial will show you how to create a new module or a new submodule in your course on the table of contents. Note that new modules default to the bottom of the list when created. 

Step-by-Step: Create a Module 

  1. Click on Course Content from the Navbar

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Table of Contents on the left side 
  3. In the box that says "Add a module...", enter the title for your new Module
    add module.png

  4. press Enter on your keyboard, this will create the new module with the title you have entered. The new module will be last on this list of modules.

Step-by-Step: Create a Submodule

  1. Click on Course Content from the Navbar

  2. Click on the Module where you would like to add a Submodule

  3. At the bottom of the Module, you will see Add a sub-module.. enter the name for the submodule
    add submodule field.png
  4. Click on Enter (you will now see your submodule at the bottom of the content)

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