In this tutorial, we will go over how to add Start and End Dates to quizzes through course content and submission review.


Step-by-Step: Set Quiz Dates in Course Content

Adding start and end dates within the Course Content will automatically add the dates to the calendar. However, through submission review you will need to check "add to calendar".

  1. Click on Course Content

  2. Click on the Module where the quiz resides

  3. Click on the dropdown arrow expand carrot.pngto the right of the quiz name

  4. Click on Edit Properties In-place

  5. Click  Add dates and restrictions

  6. To add dates for the quiz, click Add start date... or  Add end date.. (Do not add Due dates also, this can cause issues with your calendar.)

  7. Click on the date to bring up a calendar for start and end date.  (You can type in the date manually.  Don't set your time to 12 midnight.  This is very confusing for students.)

  8. Click on the time to bring up a dropdown list of set times (You can type the time in manually. Remember to add the AM and PM

  9. Click Update

Step-by-Step: Set Dates on Quizzes Under Submission Review

  1. Click on Submissions on the Navbar

  2. Click on Quizzes

  3. Click on the Name of the quiz you would like to add start and end dates

  4. Click on Restrictions

  5. To set a Start Date, click on the checkbox for Has Start Date

  6. Click within the date area to bring up the calendar

  7. Click on the day you wish to set the start date, and the time

  8. To set an End Date, click the checkbox for Has End Date

  9. Click on the day you wish to set the end date, and the time

  10. To have the dates appear in the calendar, click the checkbox next to Add Availability to Calendar.


  11. Click on Save and Close (You will see the dates underneath the quiz title)

    Note: Beginning late December 2023, when you add both a Start and End Date, you can select Add Availability Dates to Calendar and both dates will be displayed in the Calendar tool as separate events. Previously only one event was displayed, showing when the availability of the quiz ended. 

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