Adding Start, Due, or End dates to a Dropbox assignment in your course will help  inform a student of your expectations. Dates on Dropboxes limit when a student can view and submit work. Please review the tutorial: The Difference between Start, Due, and End dates.

Note: It is a best practice to set a Start, End, and Due date on a dropbox that utilizes Turnitin in order to have originality reports generate after the due date. See the tutorial on Enabling Turnitin on an Existing Dropbox.


  1. Click on Submission Review on the Navbar.

  2. Click on Dropboxes

  3. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the dropbox.

  4. Click on Edit Folder (if you are creating a new inbox, you will just click create and follow the instructions below)

  5. To add or edit a Due Date, type the date or click the calendar icon in the due date section in the middle of the screen

  6. To add or edit Start or End Dates, Click on the arrow to expand the Availability Dates & Conditions settings on the right side of the screen

  7. Add Start Date and End Date as needed


  8. Click on Save and Close


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