You can use the built-in annotation toolbar in Dropboxes to provide contextual feedback by highlighting, adding text comments, or sticky notes when evaluating student submissions. This allows you to complete all evaluation and feedback directly in Dropbox submission, without the need to download student work.


  1. Click on Submissions on the Navbar

  2. Click on Dropboxes

  3. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Dropbox you wish to annotate

  4. Click on View Submissions

  5. Click on the student's Submission File

  6. Using the inline annotation toolbar at the top of the student's submission, you can add text, highlights, or notes

  7. Once you have reviewed the submission and added all feedback, click on the Publish button

Visual Guide to Annotation Tool


Section 1 

Thumbnails: Select the dropdown arrow to choose the view page outline (Thumbnails, Outlines, & Bookmarks).

Section 8 

Notes: Select the notes icon to place note comments to your students on the document.

Section 2 

Page Selection: Moves between pages using the arrow buttons of entering a page number. 

Section 9 

Text: This allows you to add text anywhere on the document. 

Section 3 

Page Layout: Select the dropdown arrow to choose different page layouts (Page Mode, Page Transition, & Page Rotation). 

Section 10

Line: Select the dropdown arrow to add lines, arrows, or shapes to the document.

Section 4 

Pan Mode: This allows you to click on the document and drag it up or down to navigate between pages. 

Section 11 

Print: Prints the document.

Section 5 

Zoom: This allows you to zoom in and out of the document. 

Section 12 

Search: This allows you to search the text in the document. 

Section 6 

Fit Page: Toggles the paper view from fitting the whole page into the frame or fitting it to the width of the frame.

Section 13 

Download: This allows you to download the document. 

Section 7 

Drawing: Select the dropdown arrow to markup the document (Drawing, Freeform Highlight, Text Highlighter, & Eraser). 

Section 14 

Toggle Full screen: Toggles on and off Full-screen mode. 


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