The submissions tab of a Dropbox folder only displays submissions from students who have files submitted to that dropbox. You can use the submissions tab to search for a specific file and/or filter the search results on other criteria besides the default display. 


  1. Click on Submissions on the Navbar

  2. Click on Dropboxes

  3. Click on the Title of the Dropbox you wish to view
  4. Click on Submissions
  5. Click Show Search Options to search the folder contents. If you wish to search for a file name, enter some keywords in the 'Search For...' text field.Search Filters:

    • File Name or Score: Search by file name or score.
    • Submissions after: Limits to files submitted after a specified date
    • Submissions before: Limits to files submitted before a specified date
    • Late Submissions: Select to filter those files that submitted after the due date
    • Read Status: Filter to show all files, read files or unread files
    • Flag Status: Filter to show all files, files with flags or files without flags
  6. Click on the spyglass once you have selected your filters


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