In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a new Dropbox in the Submission Review area. New Dropboxes default to being hidden from students, so make sure you adjust the visibility once you are ready for students to access this Dropbox.


  1. Click on Submissions on the Navbar

  2. Click on Dropboxes

  3. Click on New Folder

  4. Enter a Name for the Dropbox

  5. Enter a Points value in the score box

  6. Select the grade item this Dropbox will be associated with from the Grades Drop Down Menu (see note below on grade items)

    ATTENTION: If you leave the "In Grade Book" option selected from the dropdown menu, the system will AUTOMATICALLY CREATE A COORESPONDING GRADE ITEM FOR THIS DROPBOX in your Gradebook. If you do NOT want a new grade item created, you can select to link this dropbox to an existing grade time, or select for it not to be in gradebook.


  7. Enter a Due Date

  8. Add Instructions

  9. Adjust Availability Dates & Conditions settings as needed. Start and end dates, special access, and restrictions. 

  10. Adjust Submission & Completion settings as needed. Add to a Dropbox category, and adjust submission settings such as submission type.

  11. Adjust Evaluation & Feedback settings as needed. Enable Turnitin or add a rubric here. 

  12. Adjust Visibility. New Dropboxes default to hidden, click the visibility toggle to allow students to see this dropbox in the course. The icon below shows the hidden setting.
    toggle visable.png

  13. Click Save and Close

  1. Name: Title of the dropbox

  2. Score Out Of: Total points the assignment is worth

  3. Grade Item Association: Select which grade item this dropbox is connected to in this area once a points value has been added. See the note above about the dropdown menu

  4. Due Date: Note the default Due Date time is set to 11:59 pm

  5. Instructions: Html text editor for adding instructions and attaching files/links

  6. Availability Dates & Conditions: Set availability dates, special access, and restrictions

  7. Submission & Completion: Set submission conditions and settings. Add or edit the dropbox category here. See the guide linked below for a more in-depth review of these settings

  8. Evaluation & Feedback: Set evaluation and feedback settings like rubrics and Turnitin

  9. External Attachments: Attaches files and links outside of the instructions area.

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