Checklists are to help students check off their completion of assignments.  These items are NOT checked automatically.  Students may check off items that they might not have completed.

Step-by-Step: Create a Checklist 

  1. Click on Edit Course in the Navbar

  2. Click on Checklists

  3. Click on New Checklist

  4. Enter a Name for the Checklist

  5. Enter a Description for the Checklist

  6. Check the box next to Open this checklist in a new window when viewed

  7. Click on Save

  8. This is where you will add New Categories and Items.  (For example; Category: Module 1, Items: Everything that is due for Module 1)

  9. Click on Save and Close

Step-by-Step: Add Checklist to Course Content

  1. Click on Course Content

  2. Click on the Module/Submodule where you would like the checklist

  3. Click on Add Existing Activities

  4. Click on Checklists

  5. Click on the Checklist you created (You will see it at the bottom of the Module/submodule, you can drag the item wherever you would like it.

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