Set the Time Limit and Enable an Enforced Time Limit Set the Time Limit and Enable an Enforced Time Limit

Set the Time Limit and Enable an Enforced Time Limit

If you are looking to create a more restricted quiz, time limits are the way to go. This tutorial will go over how to set time limits, and how to set this quiz to have an enforced time limit and the options around enforced time limits.

Step-by-Step: Set a Time Limit 

  1. Click on Submission Review on the Navbar

  2. Click on Quizzes

  3. Click on the Name of the Quiz you wish to edit

  4. Click on Restrictions tab

  5. In the quiz restrictions area, scroll down to the Timing header, enter in the number of minutes you would like the student to have to take this test

Step-by-Step: Enforced Time Limit and Options

  1. Follow all steps above and enter an amount of minutes that your students will have to take this quiz

  2. If you would like this time limit enforced this time limit, select enforced time limit above the time entry box.

  3. Once you click the button next to Enforced Time Limit, options for a grace period and what will happen when the time runs out will appear for you to select from. Choose a grace period (or not) and select what will happen to the student if they go over time.

    It is recommended you choose the second option, to prevent students from making further changes. 

  4. Once you have set a time and the options related to running over time, click Save and Close

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