The HTML editor, sometimes called the text editor, allows you to format text and add files, links or videos. This guide outlines the sections of the textbook toolbar found across the top of any textbox (the HTML Editor)

Important: The MyCourses HTML Editor does not include its own spellchecker. Please Verify that spell check is enabled in your browser of choice. 


There are various icons and editing tools on the MyCourses Text Editor. These tools appear at the top of every textbox in MyCourses, regardless of where you are in the system. 

Note: To See all components of the HTML editor click on the ellipses icon on the top right corner.

Visual Guide to Text Editor Toolbar

Image outlining html editor functions
Section 1 

Paragraph style options, the dropdown menu allows you to select different Heading styles.

 Section 2 
Bold, Italic, Underline options, the dropdown menu allows you to select Strike-through, Superscript & subscript.

 Section 3 
Alignment & Bullet list. The dropdown menu allows you to select alignment options and bullet list options.

 Section 4 
Insert Stuff IconInsert Stuff: Insert variety of file types from Multiple Media, Documents, and External resources. Use this to add Panopto videos to your course.

Insert Quicklink IconInsert Quicklink: Insert variety course links (Discussion, Dropboxes, Checklist, ext.) and URL links.

Insert Image IconInsert Image: Insert images from your computer, URL, Course Offering Files, Shared Files

Insert Graphical Equation IconInsert Graphical Equation: Insert a Mathematical Expression.

Insert Table IconInsert Table: Inserts Table and access to the Table options/settings.

Other Insert Options IconOther Insert Options: Inserts Attributes, Divider, Emoji, and Symbols.  

Additional Features

You can also attach additional materials outside the content area of your Dropboxes by using the new attachment area found below the Editor.

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