Below are some top practices when using Faculty Tools in MyCourses. These practices have been collected through faculty feedback opportunities. 

Grade Check:

  • Display students by their current overall grade and then target messages to them based on their current standing in the course
  • Use the Call button to reach out to students who may be struggling in the course or not engaged
  • Use SParC to send reminders to students that have not logged into the course during Week 1 and Week 2
  • Use SParC to send reminders to students not actively participating near the 60% attendance date
  • Use SParC to send reminders about major course events
  • Use email, call, or SParC to send students positive communications when they are doing well in the course

Last Login:

  • Use Last Login to check students access to the course and then follow-up with a SParC, Call, or Email with tips on being successful
  • Use Last Login at the top of the semester especially as sometimes students will become intimidated by content or forget to login when the course opens

Student Persona:

  • Use Student Profile to learn more about your student which can help you to target communication based on the student’s needs
  • Use the Advisor button to reach out to a student’s assigned advisor to address questions to better assist the student
  • Check the student’s schedule to see what other courses they may also be taking this semester and in which modalities
  • Check to see if a student has taken the course previously
  • Check to see if students are registered for next semester and then email them a quick reminder if not registered

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