This tutorial shows you how to utilize the attendance tool in MyCourses. Faculty are required to manually enter week 1 and 2, and 60% mark attendance in their MySPC account (outside of MyCourses). This guide reviews how you can set up and use the MyCourses (optional) attendance tracker. 

For instructions on entering the mandatory attendance reporting in your MySPC account, review this guide: Enter your SPC Attendance



The Attendance tool is flexible and convenient. You define the sessions, attendance thresholds, and applicable users for each register. You can view a summary of the results from one convenient location. This is for your records only and is not mandatory.

  1. Click on Reports on the Navbar

  2. Click on Attendance

  3. Click on the Name of the Attendance Register (If you haven't created an attendance register you will need to do that first)

  4. Click on the Edit Icon edit icon attendance.png next to the session you would like to take attendance for
  5. Click on the Checkbox last name first name.pngnext to First Name, Last Name

  6. Click on Set Status set staus.png

  7. Click on dropdown arrow and select P

  8. Click on Save

  9. Change the Individual students as needed (A-Absent, E-Excused, H-Holiday, T-Tardy)

  10. Click on Save

  11. Click on Close


Questions? Contact the MyCourses Support Team by email at 
or by phone at 727-341-3500 (Hours: Mon.- Fri. 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST).

For after hours or weekend assistance, contact the SPC Helpdesk at 727-791-2795 or

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