Faculty Feedback: Faculty Tools and SParC Faculty Feedback: Faculty Tools and SParC

Faculty Feedback: Faculty Tools and SParC

What are Faculty Saying about Faculty Tools and SPARC? 


93% of polled faculty said Faculty Tools are intuitive to use.

100% of polled faculty would recommend Faculty Tools to their colleagues.


Faculty Testimonials: 

This week (the second week of the fall semester), I sent a text message to a student who had missed 2 classes, not turned in any assignments, and not signed in to MyCourses for a week. She responded in MyCourses within minutes, and we were able to chat about her situation. I saw her in class the next day and she had submitted some work. I was surprised and impressed with how quickly she responded after getting the sparc text! - Melanie Paden, Communications

Sent 11 texts with a 90% response rate. - Michelle Piper, CCIT

I have used it to check log-ins, grades, and attempts at the course. I can e-mail them quickly and make notes about their progress and my communication attempts. - Jennifer Haber, Communications

During the first week of school, I noticed the several of my online students had not yet accessed my course. I used the text feature to remind them to access the course before Sunday for attendance purposes, and within an hour, two of the three students I texted had accessed the course and completed their assignments for the week. - Amber Estlund, Communications

When I texted those who did not log into the class, I got responses and was able to help them with the registration issues. - Linda Huetson, Social Science

The tool has made it easier to identify students who may need encouragement to stay engaged and participate in the course. Rather than running reports or waiting until an assignment isn't completed, I can quickly and easily see who hasn't logged in for a while. Once I've identified these students, I have an easy way to contact them both via email and text to help encourage engagement. - Heather Butler, Biological Science 

Great and useful tools! Thanks. - Simone Andrews, College of Business


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For after hours or weekend assistance, contact the SPC Helpdesk at 727-791-2795 or onlinehelp@spcollege.edu 

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