Understanding a Points Gradebook Understanding a Points Gradebook

Understanding a Points Gradebook

The points gradebook is the easiest to understand and the recommended gradebook set up. The final calculated grade for a student with this gradebook setting is the total points they earned divided by the total number of possible points in the course . 

Points-Based Gradebook

A points gradebook is the default gradebook within MyCourses. Use the points system when you want the maximum points assigned to a grade item to be equal to its contribution towards the final grade. Final grades are calculated by adding a user’s score on all grade items together and dividing by the sum of the maximum points values. 

The sum of points for all grade items in a points-based grade book does not need to equal 100, it can be any value. With the points system, you do not specify a category’s weight or total points. It is only the points assigned to an individual grade item that counts toward the final grade.  

Although you do not have to use categories for a points-based gradebook,  it is a best practice to use them to keep your course organized. From a student’s perspective, a points gradebook is easiest for them to understand how the final calculated grade is determined. 


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