Answers to Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Simple Syllabus

Edit/Download a Copy Simple Syllabus Questions

Q: After I edit the Simple Syllabus and click on Submit, can I go back and make the other changes to it? 

A: Yes. Simple Syllabus works like Google Docs or Microsoft Office 365 Docs in that it saves in the background as  you type. The Submit button publishes the syllabus. After a syllabus is published, it can still be edited and republished. 

Q: I cannot edit my Simple Syllabus for the new term. Neither the link with instructions for the "Getting Started" or the "Reuse and Edit an Existing Simple Syllabus" images match my term course shell.

A: Only faculty assigned to a section in PeopleSoft can edit the Simple Syllabus for the section. If you are not specified in PeopleSoft as the instructor,  you will not be able to access the Simple Syllabus. Also, it takes at least 24 hours for faculty to have access to a Simple Syllabus once they have been added in PeopleSoft. This means that if you were added in PeopleSoft today, as the instructor for the section, you will not be able to get to and edit the Simple Syllabus for 24 hours.

Q: Can I paste my text from a Word document into Simple Syllabus?

A: When pasting text from Word to Simple Syllabus, be cautious, the prior formatting may disrupt editing privileges.

Steps to avoid this:

1. Perform a 'Save As' on the Word document | saving it as a .RTF file | then paste the content into Simple Syllabus.


2. Paste the content into a basic text editor like Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for Mac OS |  then copy it into Simple Syllabus | then use the Simple Syllabus Clear Formatting button to edit text. 


Q: What if I can no longer edit my Simple Syllabus, or a big white area appears with grayed out text? 

A: You may have copied content directly from a Word document. Click here to fix it.

Q: How do I download a copy of the Simple Syllabus in case someone wants it or I want to view it after the course ends?

A: Go back into your Simple Syllabus and click the edit button | scroll all the way down and click Submit. You will then be presented with two links, one is to a webpage of the syllabus, the other is a link o the .pdf of the syllabus. If you copy the .pdf link and past it into the browser it will load the .pdf, then at the top of that page you will see an option to save the .pdf.

Note: This could vary depending on the browser you are using. 

Simple pdf.png

Merged Courses Questions

Q: Last time I had courses merged there was a specific type of number that allowed Simple Syllabus to work in a merged course. This time when I tried to do my Simple Syllabus an Error Message occurred. Can you please guide me on how to fix this?
A: For merged courses, only one section number will show up from the merged sections. It is critical that if you have merged sections, you utilize the Merged section component at the top of the the Simple Syllabus and manually enter the section numbers that are part of the merge. Once sections are merged in PeopleSoft and MyCourses, it will take at least 24 hours before that merged Simple Syllabus shows up and can be edited. 

Copying Simple Syllabus to other Courses Questions

Q: If I create a Simple Syllabus for a course, then later I make a complete copy of an old course shell, will the newly created Simple Syllabus be overwritten by the copied old course? 

A: Simple Syllabus is detached from the MyCourses course copy process. Copying over content will have no impact on the Simple Syllabus. The Simple Syllabus can be completed without there being content in the shell. 


Once you go to the new offering of the course, simply click on the Syllabus Tab on the MyCourses Navigation Bar to Activate it. If you have used Simple Syllabus in the past, it will populate in your new course. Please BE PATIENT, as it is only synced once a day and may not appear immediately. 

Can't find the Simple Syllabus link on the Navigation Bar Questions

Q: I have two sections that need to have a Simple Syllabus for the spring, but neither of them has "syllabus" in the navigation bar. How can I fix this?

A: Turning on Simple Syllabus is a manual process for each section and it is detached from the MyCourses copy process. In order to turn on the Simple Syllabus menu item, you must go to the section>Faculty Tools>More >Simple Syllabus>Yes

Using Safari Browser Questions

Q: What do I do if I am using the Safari browser and I am having issues? 

A: Simple Syllabus works with most browsers, Safari can be sometimes be problematic.
Note: We recommend using the Chrome browser.    

Oh No! I got an error message

Q: What is going on if I receive this error message? 

image (1).png


  • You could be receiving this because you requested your courses to be merged and the merge has been processed. While your courses show up correctly, it could take more time for your Simple Syllabus to appear. Solution: Give it more time (as much as 24 hours more). If it doesn't appear after you've given it some time, put in a ticket. 
  • You could be receiving this error if you are not the instructor on record (in Peoplesoft) for the course. Only the instructor(s) listed in Peoplesoft will be able to edit the Simple Syllabus. 


What other information is available to guide me in setting up Simple Syllabus?

Have Questions? Contact the MyCourses Support Team by email at  MyCourses4Faculty@spcollege.edu or by phone at 727-341-3500 (Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST).

After-hours or weekend assistance? Contact the SPC Helpdesk at 727-791-2795 or onlinehelp@spcollege.edu

Want to Schedule a One-on-One or Group Session on MyCourses or other instructional technology issues or opportunities? Complete the Schedule Instructional Support form and one of our team members will be in contact during regular business hours.


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