Add a Rubric to a Dropbox Folder Add a Rubric to a Dropbox Folder

Add a Rubric to a Dropbox Folder


Attaching a rubric to Dropbox will enable you to use the rubric when grading submissions. The added rubric will appear in the feedback and evaluation area when you evaluate the submissions for this dropbox. The rubric will be visible to students before they submit to Dropbox as well as in the Grades area of the course once their submission has been graded.  


  1. Click on Submission Review on the Navbar

  2. Click on Dropboxes

  3. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Dropbox title

  4. Click on Edit Folder

  5. Click on Evaluation & Feedback on the right of your screen

  6. Under Rubrics click on the button and click on Add Existing add rubric button.png

  7. Check the box next to the rubric(s) you want to add.

    To view the rubric(s), click on the review iconView Rubric Icon example image

  8. Click on the Add Selected button to add the rubric(s) to the Dropbox

  9. Click on the Save and Close button

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