Creating Group Discussions after Groups have been Created Creating Group Discussions after Groups have been Created

Creating Group Discussions after Groups have been Created


If you have already created your groups and would now like to assign a discussion to your groups, you can create a group-based discussion using previously established groups.  The second part of this guide also covers linking additional discussions to course groups.


  1. Click on Communicate on the Navbar
  2. Click on Groups
  3. Under Categories, click on the drop-down arrow
    drop down arrow highlighted.png

  4. Select the Group you would like to add discussions to
  5. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the group name
    drop down arrow highlighted for group name.png

  6. Click on Edit Category
  7. Click on the checkbox next to Set up discussion areas 
    discussion area checkbox highlighted.png

  8. Click on Save
  9. Click on New Forum
  10. Enter Title for the Forum (Recommend keeping it the same as the Group Category Name)
  11. Click on Save
  12. Select Create a New Topic or if you have already created the discussion question, select Attach to an existing topic. (Note: You can only attach an existing to no one has posted to the discussion question.) create a new topic radio button highlighted.png
  13. Click on Save.
  14. Select Create one topic per group (Each group has a separate and restricted topic.  This is used if each group has a different discussion question.) or Select Create one topic threads separated by group. (Groups share one group-restricted thread in a single topic. This is used if each group has the same discussion question.)
    create one topic per group and create one topic with threats radio buttons highlighted.png

    • Create one topic per group

      • Click on Create and Next

      • Enter Name

      • Enter Instructions

      • If graded item:

        • Enter a Score Out of 

        • Select the Grade Item, or to create a New item, click on New Grade Item.

      • Click on Create (This will create a discussion for each group, if you want to edit the instruction for each you will need to do that in Submission Review, Discussions)

    • Create one topic with threads separated by group

      • Enter a Title

      • Enter a Description

      • Click on Create and Next (This will create one Discussion Question that all groups will respond to.  

      • To edit the instruction you will need to go to Submission Review, Discussions.)

  15. Click on Done
  16. Click on Save

Adding Additional Discussion for Established Groups

If you have pre-established groups and they have already been connected to a topic (or group of topics) as outlined in the steps above, and you wish to add additional topics for the same groups, you can create and then connect additional topics within a forum to each pre-existing group. 
  1. From the Navbar, select Submission Review
  2. Select Discussions
  3. Create a new topic that the groups will post to
  4. Select the same forum as other group topics and designate the topic to be a Group or Section Topic
    topic type group or section topic example.jpg

  5. Select the Group or Section Category from the drop-down menu if there is more than one
  6. Provide a title and description for this option, along with which grade item it will be associated with under the assessment tab
  7. Click Save and Close
These steps will create one topic that you see as the faculty, however when students click on this topic, they will only see threads and replies from members of their group. If you have a scenario where each group will be answering a separate prompt, please reach out to for further instructions.

Questions? Contact the MyCourses Support Team by email at 
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For after hours or weekend assistance, contact the SPC Helpdesk at 727-791-2795 or 

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