This guide outlines how to set Release Conditions on a Dropbox. Release Conditions allow you to limit what students have access to in the course until they satisfy a set of requirements.  For example, you can limit students from seeing other modules in the course until they successfully complete the syllabus.

If a student has not met the release conditions associated with a Dropbox, they will not be able to see or access the Dropbox until they are met. 


  1. Click on Submission Review on the Navbar
  2. Click on Dropboxes
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the dropbox
  4. Click on Edit Folder
  5. Click on the Availability Dates and Conditions on the right of your screen
  6. Under the Release Conditions section click on the Add Release Conditions button and select Create Newadd release condition.png
  7. Under Condition Type, use the Select Condition Type dropdown menu.  to select the condition type students will need to meet (view Release condition types on D2L support page)
    select condition type.png
  8. Under Condition Details, select criteria that students must meet
  9. Click on the Create button
  10. You should now see your created Release Condition that students must complete before the dropbox is opened for submission.
    release condition.png
  11. Click on the Save and Close button

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